Gratitude is available to you at all times

No matter where you are
Or what you are going through
Even in the smallest of spaces or the tightest of corners

Gratitude in breath
Gratitude in healing Gratitude is a gift that helps you explore your unconditional nature

It creates doorways where walls once existed

Lotus Opus


When you start to lovingly embrace yourself

When you start to lovingly embrace yourself as you are, without needing the validation of others ,nor the desire to change them, your vibe increases. When your vibe increases, your cup is emptied, allowing it to be filled with gratitude for the abundance of the moment.

Operating from this place of unconditional love and authenticity is so abundant that more people will love your energy for it. This mysterious energetic wave of delight will be apparent.

It’s the energy you emit that matters. It’s the love light inside that counts. Start with you and your sovereignty. Start inside. You won’t be able to keep yourself from smiling, life will align you with everything thats meant for you, mountains will become molehills, and your emotional resillience will expand.

Flow to what’s good. Focus on what’s good. Focus on the perceptions of love that would be invisible to the fearful hearts. There are no walls. No doors that need unlocking. Nothing needs to be fixed or held onto. There is only the simple truth that love is available at any point in time. Love is an eternal flowing river. It is full of opportunity, lessons, and blessings. It is never scarce or dry. When your mind is here, your cup is never empty. A cup is always full. Whether it be full of water, air or both. Either of them is just as valuable to us in this life of ours.

Love Always,



        I was watching a video of Dr. Bruce Lipton the other day, and he was speaking about how we can either believe in something, or not believe in something. 

Essentially, you cannot half-way believe that you can have what you desire.
You cannot halfway believe that what you desire is on its way.

No matter if we are consciously stating that something is true, our subconscious, which can be full of many pre-programmed belief systems, can keep us from receiving what we desire.

The subconscious can show up as negative self-talk, self sabotage, and many other forms of resistance that can get in the way of manifesting what we desire.

Nevertheless, my friends, there IS HOPE.

The power of belief in ourselves has a huge part to do with the success of manifesting what we desire.


Simply put, because “Where attention flows, energy grows.”

This is the 3rd principle in The 7 Huna Principles of Life, which are similar to many other laws of the universe.

The importance of this principle is that our own disbelief and energetic resistance gets in the way of the process of focusing our attention on what we desire. Our attention must FLOW towards, and align with what we desire.

 ‘..Be water, my friend.’ – Bruce Lee

With that said, in this LotusOpus article, I wanted to talk specifically about affirmations. We are all consistently affirming our reality based on our thoughts and our words.

Because of this, our internal and external dialogue, and more importantly, how we feel about these personal impressions, are incredibly important.

“There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe. A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought. Man can form things in his thought, and by impressing his thought upon formless substance can cause the thing he thinks about to be created.”

-Wallace D. Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich

In terms of manifesting what you desire, you may have specific mantras, goals, and desires that you re-play in your mind, visualize, write down, vocalize..etc.

For example:

“I make ‘$___’ every month.”

“I weigh ‘____.”

“The relationship of my dreams is on its way to me.”

“I will have ‘__awesome thing__’ by ‘__date___.’”

Now, if you have specific affirmations, then great! I’m happy that you’ve already started getting clear about what you desire to manifest!

Though, if you are ever at any point, feeling resistance towards specific affirmations, then you are ANCHORING your disbelief in the moment by continuing the attempt to entertain the energy of a substantial vision that doesn’t match your present vibration.

The whole point of conscious manifestation is to believe that your desired reality is on its way, trusting that you are aligning with it, and embodying that which you desire.

In terms of feelings of resistance, when something feels out of reach to you, it IS. This is because there is something within you that is creating this perception.

This is a simple truth.

When you witness yourself as being separate from your vision, you are KEEPING it separate from you.


But NO WORRIES, my friend. These feelings are normal.

When you begin to feel resistance within the specificity of your internal and external affirmations, this is a time to give energetic spaciousness, trust, and give a sense of allowing to your manifestations in order to become what you desire to attract.

You can do this by beginning to, instead of being specific with your internal and external dialogue, become more general with your affirmations. This easy shift can raise your vibe, offer trust, allowance and well as give you the flow that your heart knows you’re worthy of having.

For example:

“I allow myself to believe that I have all the resources I need to make my dream come true.”

“I know that others who are successful in _______, were at one point, right where I am.”

“I trust that I am coming closer into alignment with what I want.”

“I love knowing that I am the creator of my own reality.”

“I enjoy being able to notice all of the abundance that exists around me, not just financial, but in my own life experiences.”

“I enjoy focusing on all that is joyful, beautiful, healthy, abundant, and peaceful around me and within me.”

“I enjoy not having all that I desire at once, and am enjoying the process of the steadiness of what I desire flowing to me.”

“I love knowing I have the potential to achieve whatever I desire.”

Again, having specificity towards your desired goals and visions is INCREDIBLY POWERFUL when you feel energetically in tune, aligned and trust what you are saying. It can be an incredibly effective way to raise our vibe and thus, attract what we desire. So don’t kick those specifics to the curb. Knowing exactly what you want is important. Having an end goal is valuable so that the universe knows what to supply.

But in the case of certain desires which require patience, growth, timing, and allowing… having a tool-belt full of general mantras is really going to help you in moments of resistance.

Sometimes it can feel abnormal to cultivate the idea of having everything that you desire right now! I mean c’mon… Sometimes specific affirmations can feel like you’re attempting to turn a mosquito into an elephant. Because of this, it is natural to feel resistance at times, as you gain presence, trust, and become more in alignment with what you desire.

Remember that it is NORMAL to feel RESISTANCE, and that feelings of resistance are not failure. Resistance is not an opportunity to beat yourself over the head or throw in the towel. Resistance is an opportunity to grant yourself the belief that you can have what you desire, utilizing specific ‘languages’ that feel right for you during your journey.

Resistance is actually a gorgeous sign that you are onto something GREAT. This is a time to up-level, and continue up and onwards. Resistance is a time when you are being challenged to dive deeper into your fullest potential through learning and growing.

You are always right where you need to be, and surrounded by an abundance of lessons and blessings to help you live a happy life.

So as you align with your specific goal, allow yourself to, instead of worry about your resistance, or become fearful of your resistance… give your resistance a way to flow so that you may continue to shift and align.

When you practice general affirmations that sink you into presence, you’re no longer thinking that what you desire is out of reach, or what you want cannot be yours.

You are replacing these feelings of fear, lack, and scarcity, with a reality that is still just as true and substantial as your end goal, and engaging in the process of transforming your energy so that it can continue to flow where you desire it to.

Remember, the destination is not going to produce a lifetime of happiness. It is the cultivation of gratitude for where you are right now, that helps you reach your destination.

The present is where all possibility exists!

I hope this helps you today, If you enjoyed it, feel free to share!

Best wishes,



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What is the (RAS) Reticular Activating System?

It is essentially, a part of the brain that focuses MORE on things in relation to what you are already consciously focusing on.


You get a new car and you see the exact same car, seemingly everywhere you go. (This has happened to me.) You’re so into the experience with your senses, thoughts and feelings, that your (RAS) is aiding you in seeing more of what you’re experiencing/have experienced.

— Why is the (RAS) so important in terms of Manifestation?

What is one of the most commonly known important keys to achieving your desires?..



HAVING A DRISHTI – Sanskrit term for ‘Focused Gaze’ (Concentrated Intention)

Without a vision or focal point, many people find themselves running around in circles.

There is a saying that goes:

“If you keep looking down, all you’ll see is dirt.”

This is often times, why people who focus on negativity, lack, scarcity, and poverty, receive more of it.

They repeat the same habits again and again, year after year. They close themselves off to new opportunities. They keep focusing on the same things and have the same thoughts, repeat the same bleak internal and external mantras and thus they get the same results. Many people aren’t aware that opportunity is there. Many people have never experienced the magic of switching perception and engaging with the process of powerful intention setting. But there is plenty of research that shows that we can make the decision to change the neuroplasticity of our brains and change our lives if we are willing to engage with it in a way that works in our favor.

By clearly focusing on more of what you want each day, you are able to then, cultivate the progressive use of this collection of neurons (RAS) to begin attracting into your life what it is that you desire.

But, before you dive into talking about and focusing on all the things you desire to attract, I want to help you by giving some tools and tips on some great ways to go about doing this so that you can attract what you desire more effectively.


What I invite you to do is begin to, each day, feel the visualization of that which you desire as if it is already on its way. The more that you engage with the expansive quality of feeling grateful for it already being on its way, the less you have to worry about how things may not work or how it will happen. It’s important to not focus so much on how its going to arrive, but the actual process of allowing yourself to trust that it is on its way as you engage fully with the present. Fill each moment with being actively engaged with your surroundings and doing the best that you can, where you are. If there is an opportunity that arises in which you can take action on your manifestations, then take it.


  1. Have a clear visual of what it is that you want. And be specific. You can write it down or imagine it in your head.
  2. Act as if its already on its way by actively engaging in the present with what you have and utilizing it with full gratitude. The universe responds abundantly to gratitude because it is an expansive and creative energy. The more you feel abundant and worthy, the more that you will attract that which you desire.
  3. Throughout the day, whenever it feels right,  bring the visual and feeling of what you desire into your mind to continue to activate the (RAS) pro-actively as you proceed to remain grateful for what it is that you ALREADY have, and what it is that you WILL, without a doubt, receive.
  4. Stay away from negative self-talk, doubt, negative media, negative experiences, or opposing phrases that could hinder the process of aligning with your desires.

The main key here is to remain emotionally, in resonance with what you desire. The more resonant you are with it, the easier it will be to come into fruition. It’s not about reaching a destination. It’s about becoming the frequency of that which you desire to attract. You must be able to realize that what you desire to attract already lays within you. And so trust the process as it aligns with you!

Best wishes,





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Pursuing a dream isn’t simply aligning with a vision, taking ‘a risk’ and letting it all fall into your lap…or seeing if the pursuit works out or doesn’t work out.

I’ve finally begun to understand that the pursuit of a dream is learning to dance with life and fully be present with it, it’s learning to fully show up as yourself and be an advocate for yourself and your passions and your cause, no matter who you are, where you’ve come from, or what others think.

If you truly want your dream, you will watch it evolve, you will watch it form, you will let it dance on its own, changing rhythms and shapes, as you do too, but you will never abandon it.

If you truly desire to pursue your dream, you’ll do anything for it, and that means being homeless, taking on other jobs, telling people that they can ‘go on somewhere‘ if they don’t support you for who you are.

It means coming across amazing bouts of luck which are so serendipitous that you can feel the beauty in the magic of life making you stronger and more faithful and trusting of your own path.

Your dreams are your truth.

And the pursuit of your truth will teach you more about yourself than you could ever imagine.

You will witness the polarity of what no longer serves you being ripped away from you again and again until it becomes inevitable that a very important path is being paved for you.

One of the greatest pieces of advice that you can cherish in the pursuit of your truth is to not get in your own way.

To allow what is dissipating to leave, and to fill the void with passion and vibrancy… colorful chapters that are beyond your wildest dreams.

Make way for you.
And allow yourself to witness all that you can ever be, do and dream of.


Explore the nature of your beingness
Play with the rhythms that live inside of you
Allow yourself to recieve
And dance with your treasure
Liberating, as you embrace your fullness
Giving all of you to each moment

Like a leaf
Caressed by the wind
Breaking free from its branch
This is only the beginning
Let it dance
Let it dance


“Believe nothing. No matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if i have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”

We have the ability to trust ourselves fully
when we give ourselves the freedom of believing nothing.

Individual candles lighting one flame.
As a friend, as a lover, as a listener, even if I feel like I know the answer you seek, may I choose to hold space for you and respect your journey.
May I witness myself sinking deeply into your shoes in all of your vulnerability and raw human-ness without judgement or condemning.
May I trust that you’ll find the light in the dark.
May I trust that you’re strong enough to light your own flame.
And when you feel it’s cold, damp and dark, I trust you’ll know exactly when to call on me to receive, to help you witness a reflection of your own divinity, and find your own truth to guide you back home.
May I trust myself to release you peacefully, as you dance with your own light.
On and on.
And I trust myself to dance in my own.
Always home.
Always home.


For the last six months, during my travels, I have spent many nights with foreign and American strangers, new friends and old.

And truth be told, at times my empathic nature had forgotten my purpose and what truly mattered to me because of the radical differences between myself and the people who surrounded me.

I had forgotten that brilliant spark of light that exists in my own eccentricity, that child Morgan who loved to sit under the tree far away from the busy kickball field during recess, meditating and eating grass in silence, either alone, or with the few ‘nerds’ from class. 😂

As someone who has a deep love and compassion for people, I still always feel at home when I spend my quiet time dedicated to my passions, meditating and seeing what i can give value to. Connecting with my heart.

And now that I have much alone time again, I am incredibly grateful. Never be afraid to step into solitude. F.O.M.O is ‘no mo’. There is never anything wrong with being ‘alone’ to re-connect to your truth.

A cornucopia of valuable treats have come from the quiet ones who dared to work in the shadows as mad scientists, having emerged with beautiful gifts and talents to share with others.


When you get caught up in the past or the future
the present becomes the enemy.
But the real enemy is you.
And the present has everything you need to create
happiness, abundance, peace and fulfillment…
whatever is is that you want to manifest the life of your dreams.

How are you creating momentum?
How are you ‘remembering the future, right now?

Remember the future right now.
Paint your poetry in motion.
Let if flow.
Let it fill.
Let it release.
Again and again.
Life is fragments of memories.
To pass and to be.
And you are the gatekeeper.
The creator of thoughts.
And everything created begins with a thought.