If it isn’t enough -now-
it will -never- be enough

It is in these moments of scarcity
that we learn to say “enough is enough”
to ourselves

Too many times we fool ourselves
seeking outside of our own hearts for gratification

And also, too many times
as we witness the leaves start to turn color
and fall from their homes
we hold onto summer
at the thought of baring a cold winter


How gorgeous it would be
to witness the leaves fall from their temporary homes
only to return to the one they were birthed from
and to fall in love with the beautiful dance of life

to invite winter in
and allow it to warm your heart



Let your love light begin within.
Then allow your love light to touch the world.
With your gaze, your caress, witnessing love through all of your senses.

Love cannot be present if we do not perceive it -if we do not open our hearts first.
If we do not perceive it, we cannot receive it. It is the beautiful melody of the universe dancing with itself. And it ALWAYS starts with you.

For years I thought my love could only be found in very few faces and places, but the more pain that came from holding onto what was meant to pass away, the more I learned how to harness my own flame.

It was then that my eyes opened to a completely new form of love.

A love that was endless, painting each grain of existence with cascading waves of light and shadow.

Ever-changing, always renewed and ready to be received.

It was then that I learned the beauty of vulnerability and the essence of eternal life that lives in each moment.

How immensely humbling it is, to bring an empty cup to each moment, and allow it to be filled with eternal love.


The Power Of Living Your Truth

For years I told myself to keep my heart contained,  and my lips refrained from speaking my truth, my emotions,  my deepest passions — the truth I deeply craved to invite into my life.  The one that I craved to understand.  The one that I feared so deeply but longed for so obsessively. And because I bottled up my dreams, stuffed my emotions,  and fed the expectations of others,  I found myself playing small, and thus projecting my unwillingness to accept myself and embody my power fully. I created a reality that felt lackluster. It was only when I let down my walls and began to own my truth,  that I recognized how valuable expression is. The vulnerability,  the sacrifice,  the acceptance,  the willingness to be wrong, is worth trembling in fear of possible regret,  it’s so worth the fear of failure,  it’s so worth the moments of feeling lost.  Because in those moments, we find our deepest light.  In those moments, we find our deepest value, in those moments,  we realize how much much we can bend,  and just how strong we really are. In those moments,  we witness our beautiful human-ness,  and it spreads love like wildfire. Expression is a catalyst for empowerment. Expression is the fragmented echoes of the deepest desires and truths within our heart, individually and collectively. Expressing your truth is perhaps, one of the most important things that you can do,  even if your voice trembles,  even if you are wrong,  even if you fail. You will always witness the strength of love whispering “I’ve got you.”


Witness Your Fear

“The fear is simply because you are not living with life_ you are living in your mind. Your fear is always about whats going to happen next. That means that what you fear does not exist. ”

When we think about the future, we are creating with our imagination. This includes fear-based thoughts.

Notice, today, when your mind plays future oriented thoughts or images that bring about fear within you. Do you attach yourself to those thoughts and images? How do you allow certain fears to affect your actions? How does it feel when you allow those images and thoughts to pass? Can you bring yourself back to the present moment?